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The Born-Again Unitarian Universalist

What is your conversion story? The time when you (probably metaphorically) walked down the aisle and committed yourself to the faith of Unitarian Universalism?

Yes, this is a faith of conversion, or should be. I hope that every person who considers themselves to be a Unitarian Universalist has had a moment -- moments! -- when they see a better way of being in the world, and commit themselves to that great task.

For those of us who have been raised as Unitarian Universalists, the issue of conversion is no less important. We grew up knowing ourselves to be UUs. For a period of time, this was not a chosen faith for us, it was simply part of our identity, like our hair color, our family. I didn't choose my family when I was younger, I was simply part of it. Unitarian Universalism was part of us, and we were part of Unitarian Universalism.

And then one day, you realize that you don't have to remain a UU. You can choose something else. Or you can simply walk away. Maybe you even do,…

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