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The War Between Science and Religion OR "Things You Believe That Aren't True"

There are things we just know to be true. Like that you need to sear a steak before cooking it, to seal in the juices.

We all know that throughout time, there has been and continues today to be a war between religion and science. We all know this to be true.

 You know something else we all know to be true?

“The tongue map.”

 Remember that? Back in elementary school, you were shown a picture of a tongue and you were taught that different parts of the tongue corresponded to the four different tastes. The front tasted sweet. The back tasted bitter. The sides were sour and salt. My parents were taught this. I was taught this. And still today, my kids have been taught this. This is one of those things we all know to be true.

Except it's not.It’s not! It’s been thoroughly debunked. And not recently. Since 1974. When Virginia Collings confirmed that all parts of the tongue can register all tastes.

Sometimes, things we know to be true, aren’t. We have a hypothesis, we do the experiments…

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