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Outrage Can Get Boring

I know someone whose "tell" that she's had a leeetle too much to drink is outrage. Not at the recipient, but on their behalf. Her friends all know it, and frankly, it just makes us giggle, because the outrage comes at things that deserve absolutely no outrage. "They served you GREEN BEANS with your steak???" she'll demand, heavy with the weight of the insult that has been placed upon you. And so that's our sign that we need start pushing water on her and stop offering to refill her glass of wine.

Outrage, without alcohol, can become a habit in and of itself. And we're living in a time where tv, radio shows, and websites profit from our outrage. They know it gives us a hit to the dopamine receptors, and so they stoke it like technological drug pushers.

And we turn around after taking our hit, trying to get others to join us. Come on, you know you want some. Everyone's doing it. All the cool kids are absolutely outraged that X is doing Y to Z.

I s…

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