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Visiting the UU Forebears: Edward Everett Hale

If you have come to this post seeking noble inspiration, because you know that Rev. Edward Everett Hale was that wise soul who wrote, "I am only one, but I am one. I can't do everything, but I can do something..." and you seek some of the same -- well, keep on walking, Pilgrim.

I love finding out that the noble and dignified were very much human, and funny, and gossipy, and the Rev. Hale is today's example of What, You Thought Your Generation Invented Snark?

Seriously, Dude could have fit in well on RuPaul's Drag Show and held his own while not holding his tongue.

In 1871, Hale wrote How to Do It, To which is Added, How to Live. It's public domain and you can get it for free. Oh, do. It's so delightfully catty.  Hale gives advice about the right conduct of one's life, and I have to confess, I found myself often thinking in response to his words, "Whoa, guy, that's RUDE," followed by a musing, "He's right, though ..."

He int…

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