CMFTMs -- Groundhog Day, Christmas Edition

Genre: “Groundhog Day, Christmas Edition”
Movies: The 12 Dates of Christmas, Christmas Eve Every Day, The Twelve Days of Christmas Eve, Christmas Do-Over, A Christmas Wedding Date, Three Days … and probably more I don’t know about.

I love the actual “Groundhog Day” movie with Bill Murray. LOVE IT. Watch it every year, on Groundhog Day, and find yet another spiritual paradigm or lesson in it. Is it Buddhist? Christian? I can make an argument in many different directions (ultimate argument: it’s Unitarian Universalist). But I digress.

So, if Groundhog Day is so great, these movies must be terrific, right?

Eh, not so much.

The one I do kinda like, is, I suspect, because I am now a parent. “Christmas Every Day,” in which an ungrateful teenager relives the same day over and over until he GETS IT and starts acting like a wonderful human. But there, that’s probably more about me, less about the movie. See: Mean Mom.

There are so MANY of these! And they’re all the same formula. Protagonist has a sucky day. They wake up the next day, go about their business, at a certain point realizing they’re living the same day. Egad! Gadzooks!

Several days pass of fighting, denial, angst …

Finally, they realize what’s happening. They try to change it. They try to embrace it. Somehow, they eventually find the right Christmas Zen and life stops repeating.

After watching several of these, at a certain point, you, too, will realize …

ERMAGAHRRRRD! I am living my own hellish version of Groundhog-Christmas Day, except I don’t get to eat anything I want with no weight consequences and I don’t get any more time, and it’s almost Christmas and I have wasted all these hours just watching the same show over and over and over!!!

There’s really no good ending to that one. If you must, pick one.

Better yet, wait til Feb. 2 and watch the Real Thing. 


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