Where is your church? How do you minister there?

Take a moment with me, would you?

Imagine your church. No, not the place you go to on Sunday. It's not a place, it's people. But I'm not talking about your formal congregation.

Think about your life, your day to day going and doing. Work. Home. Grocery Store. Gym. School. Soccer Practice.

Imagine all the people whose paths you'll cross. Some you know, some you don't.

Now imagine that they are your church, and you are their minister.

We all do ministry, whether we call it that or not.

Yesterday, I was in the subway system of another city, and I got off at the wrong stop. I stepped off at the next one, to head back. A young man was there on the platform. He had a welcoming face, and so I explained where I was trying to go and asked his advice. He gave it, along with some reassurance, and kind chitchat.

I had stepped into his church, and he ministered to me.

Where is your church?


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