Stewed Rutabagas, or "Maybe They Weren't asking for Your Opinion"

Why do we feel our opinions are so sought after?
On Facebook, I have seen this again and again. A person asks a question. Not a question inviting others to share their opinion. But a basic request for information, e.g. “Have you ever eaten stewed rutabagas?”

And then the comments come. Not people answering the question, but people bringing forth their opinions. “Stewed rutabagas sound disgusting.” “Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that you should only bake rutabagas, not stew them.” “Dr. Oz says that rutabagas in any form will wreck your metabolism.”

It is a curious thing. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of it. But I’m pledging anew to catch myself in the act and staaaaahp. Because every time I throw out my unrequested opinion, I’m teaching someone else to pull back, don’t ask questions, expect judgment.

Maybe I’ll even get a tattoo, right on the top of my hand. I know what it will say.

“Stewed rutabagas.” 


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